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Overall coupling configurator

1. Application

2. Products


3. Properties

Radial removable Radial removable
ATEX conform ATEX conform
Countershaft Countershaft
Api610 API 610
Maintenance free Maintenance free
Torsionally flexible Torsionally flexible
Damping vibrations Damping vibrations
Api671 API 671
Backlash free Backlash free
Torsionally rigid Torsionally rigid
Axial plug-in Axial plug-in

4. Technical Data

Base data

kW   ⇔   {{layoutparameter.inputTKN}} Nm Nm
Speed n: min-1
Max. torque Tmax.: Nm  (optional)
Operating factor / Application SB:  ({{currentAppDesc}})
Temperature St:
Please correct wrong or missing input data in the yellow fields.
ATTENTION: the defined max. torque is less than the layout torque TAS * SB = {{ layoutparameter.inputTKN }} * {{ layoutparameter.inputSB }} = {{ layoutparameter.inputTKN * layoutparameter.inputSB }} Nm !

Result {{numResults}}
Coupling type {{ getDescForProd(r.prodname, 'en'); }}
Technical data TKN= {{r.tkn}} Nm | TKmax= {{r.maxTK}} Nm | nmax= {{r.maxN}} 1/min
Displacements (n=1500 1/min) ΔKa= {{r.dispAxialMin}} to {{r.dispAxialMax}} mm | ΔKa= ±{{ r.dispAxial }} mm | ΔKr= ± {{ r.dispRadial }} mm | ΔKw= {{ r.dispAngular }}° ΔKw= {{ r.dispAngular }} mm
Outer dimension ØxL {{r.maxVert}} mm x {{r.maxHor}} mm
  • Torsionally rigid
  • Flexible
  • Backlash-free
  • Maintenance-free
  • Puncture-proof
  • Shear type
  • Compact
  • Double-cardanic
  • Single-cardanic
  • High power density
  • Axial plug-in
  • All-steel
  • Protected against corrosion
  • Electrically insulating
  • Damping vibrations
  • ATEX conform
  • Intermediate shaft
  • Torsionally flexible
  • Compact
Product preview

ATTENTION: the Shaft-hub-connection must be checked by the customer!
Hints regarding the coupling selection with operating factors
The operating factors used are based on experiences estimating the operating behaviour of drive and driven machine. In case of a periodic running of the machines or when starting or braking larger masses a special selection acc. to DIN 740 or a torsional vibration calculation must be made by the manufacturer of the coupling.

This information is supplied without warranty.
We reserve the right for modifications of dimensions and designs.

Product comparison
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Max. 4 couplings allowed for comparison.