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Coupling configurator ROTEX® GS

Dear customer,

your previous input data from the coupling configurator are carried over.
Please refine your input for the product ROTEX® GS.

1. Application

2. Products

Backlash-free jaw coupling Rotex® GS Standard
Rotex® GS Clamping hub
Rotex® GS Clamping ring light
Rotex® GS Clamping ring made of steel
Rotex® GS Clamping ring P acc. to DIN 69002
Rotex® GS
Rotex® GS DKM
Rotex® GS with intermediate shaft
Rotex® GS A-H

3. Properties

Compact design Compact design
Radial removable Radial removable
Intermediate shaft Intermediate shaft
High speeds High speeds
Easy assembly Easy assembly

4. Technical Data

Base Data Mode (layout resp. particular size):
kW   ⇔   {{layoutparameter.inputTKN}} Nm Nm
Speed n: min-1
Peak torque TAS: Nm
Moment of inertia JA: * 10-6 kgm2
Distance between shaft ends LR: mm
Operating factor / Application SB:  ({{currentAppDesc}})
Temperature St:
Anlauffaktor SZ:
Moment of inertia JL: * 10-6 kgm2


Bore type:
Ø bore driving d1:
mm   (max.: )
Feather keyway driving:
Finish bore according to ISO fit H7, feather keyway according to DIN 6885 sheet 1 - JS9
Code: {{ inchDataDriving.ktrCode }}
Ø d: {{ inchDataDriving.diameterInch }} ″
b: {{ inchDataDriving.keyWidthInch }} ″ (⇔ {{ inchDataDriving.keyWidthMM }} mm)
t2: {{ inchDataDriving.keyDepthMM }} mm

Finish bore and feather keyway according to ANSI/AGMA 9002-C14


Bore type:
Ø bore driven d1:
mm   (max.: )
Feather keyway driven:
Finish bore according to ISO fit H7, feather keyway according to DIN 6885 sheet 1 - JS9
Code: {{ inchDataDriven.ktrCode }}
Ø d: {{ inchDataDriven.diameterInch }} ″
b: {{ inchDataDriven.keyWidthInch }} ″ (⇔ {{ inchDataDriven.keyWidthMM }} mm)
t2: {{ inchDataDriven.keyDepthMM }} mm

Finish bore and feather keyway according to ANSI/AGMA 9002-C14
Please correct wrong or missing input data in the yellow fields.
ATTENTION: the defined max. torque is less than the layout torque TAS = {{ layoutparameter.inputTKN }} Nm !

Filter by: Max. Ø mm   Max. Length mm
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Product information

Dear customer,
the coupling {{r.name}} matches already your requirements to a great extent. To get support for a more detailled planning please contact our KTR specialists.
To achieve this you can send your previous input as an automatically generated eMail by using the button or you can use the button to create a pdf data-sheet summarizing you layout results.
ATTENTION: the Shaft-hub-connection must be checked by the customer!
Dear customer,

unfortunately we were unable to find a matching coupling.

Please contact our KTR specialists.

You can use the button to create a Mail prefilled with all relevant information.

Or you can just give our support a call:

Engineering ROTEX® GS
Tel. {{ contactdata.telTechnic }}

Hints regarding the coupling selection with operating factors
The operating factors used are based on experiences estimating the operating behaviour of drive and driven machine. In case of a periodic running of the machines or when starting or braking larger masses a special selection acc. to DIN 740 or a torsional vibration calculation must be made by the manufacturer of the coupling.

This information is supplied without warranty.
We reserve the right for modifications of dimensions and designs.

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